Good to be Back!

A real website exists once again

Posted by Jonathan DeMasi on 2017-03-11

What, a website!?

It's no surprise that for a LONG time my domain basically was only used for internal things. There was no front-facing website or anything. This is fine by me, because honestly while I was in college and such, the idea of maintaining a blog and all that didn't really sound too appealing. But I'm back! With the advent of Sysadministrivia it seemed like having a web presence was important again.

Moving Forward

I have a few things brewing for this site moving forward, or perhaps some extentions of it. For one, I'd like to make a gallery to showcase my pottery. For one thing, I always end up sending pictures of my stuff to friends and family anyway. For another, though, I am starting to accumulate too much pottery of my own! I only have so many uses for certain types of decorative pieces and such, so I am hoping that maybe I can start to sell some of it. So, that being said, everything in the gallery will clearly be labeled as "for sale" or "unavailable." If you're interested in a piece that's for sale, please contact me and we'll work something out until I have a proper means for taking your money. In general, though, I will usually only ask for the cost of shipping and anything you want to donate on top of it.

The other thing I'm planning to do is stand up cgit. I'll have a post to come soon on self-hosting (code, websites, etc.), but for now, suffice it to say that I prefer to self-host as much as I can. Along those lines, though, I think having a way for others to visualize my repositories and such would be useful, and for what it's worth, I usually mirror repositories that aren't at all sensitive on GitHub just in case something were to happen to my Linode. Hopefully this, plus writing about my experiences, proves to be a useful endeavor for me to showcase my work and share with others.